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Visual Identity at Sanda University Shanghai.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-25 om 13.25.49

Mr. Xi, Dean of the College of Art and Design (centre left) In front of the design class.

At Sanda University, Shanghai 6 days of teaching Visual Identity resulted in a sparkling exhibition of the five groups who focussed on the visual identity of their own university.

A lot of emphasis was put on the design thinking process, the start of good designs.

Also to start with the ‘Why’ question instead of wondering ‘How’ or ‘What’ we are going to do.

Considering the short time for such a complex issue, the results of these bright students where spectacular.


Mrs. Jia, vice president Sanda University (centre) is inspecting the results of the six day workshop.


Lecture at the Shanghai Business School

lecture sbs-7

The world of today is in transition. We see a shift from an industrial society to an information society.

Resources, economics, new materials, increasing computer processor speed: all contribute to a new way of living. New ways that has to be shaped. Design is playing an increasing important role in that transition.

Design exists out of many different disciplines, its common goal is always ‘creating solutions’. The world today is in need for solutions. In Shanghai I gave an update about the latest thoughts about design in Europe. To build a platform to share ideas and shine a light on the solutions we have to create.

Getting acquainted.

Meeting at huize Frankendael.

Meeting at huize Frankendael.

In preparation of the workshop in Shanghai a relaxed getting to know each other was arranged at ‘Huize Frankendael’ in Amsterdam. Mr. Peng (Professor and President of the College of Art and design, at the Shanghai Business school, middle left) and Mr. van de Cappelle (Teacher / Designer BFA Ed and Chairman of the SaE, at the right).