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Speech on education

At the Global Partnership week at the Shanghai Polytechnic University. Chairman van de Cappelle shed a light on innovation under the background ofimg_6761 “internet + education”.

The SaE foundation is providing workshops to different Universities in Shanghai. This speech however was written from his perspective as a teacher at the College of Applied Art & Design of the SSPU.



Chairman van de Cappelle and President of the SSPU Mr. Yu Tao.

Magic Mama


SaE arranged a workshop with famous painter Ans Markus for magic Mama and her talented group of children while they where visiting Amsterdam during an art-trip through Europe.

Master painter Mr. Peng Cainian, renowned artists Patricia Steur (photographer) and Paul Schulten (fashion designer) participated, aswel as young Chinese stars.


Visual Identity at Sanda University Shanghai.

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Mr. Xi, Dean of the College of Art and Design (centre left) In front of the design class.

At Sanda University, Shanghai 6 days of teaching Visual Identity resulted in a sparkling exhibition of the five groups who focussed on the visual identity of their own university.

A lot of emphasis was put on the design thinking process, the start of good designs.

Also to start with the ‘Why’ question instead of wondering ‘How’ or ‘What’ we are going to do.

Considering the short time for such a complex issue, the results of these bright students where spectacular.


Mrs. Jia, vice president Sanda University (centre) is inspecting the results of the six day workshop.