About the foundation

Foundation goals.

Dialogue. The SaE wants to stimulate the individual (of both cultures) by means of workshops in art and design and to provide a platform for dialogue between China and Europe.

Refreshment. We like to establish contact between young talents from both cultures, and let them work, create, explore and learn with and from each other. New innovative refreshing ideas, shapes and thoughts could evolve.

Connection.  China plays a major and increasing role in the world today. By means of modern communication. mobility and migration Western cultures and China can connect with each other better than ever before.

Respect. Cultural differences are immense therefor it is tempting to cling to one’s own convictions . But when you want to grow and gain more insights it is key to take part in an open dialogue based on mutual respect.

Culture. Culture is the result of language, tradition and historical events. Cultures are in progress, the evolution of a culture takes place by the expression of individuals today. That is why every individual is a nerve end and a sense of it’s own culture.

Art and design. By means of art and design projects the foundation SaE wants to stimulate the individual (the cultural sense) from both cultures and provide a platform for dialogue between East and West.

A better world. The foundation SaE wants to contribute to a better understanding of our cultures and cherish not eliminate the differences. By experiencing cultural expressions new insights can contribute to common sense, conscience and a better world.

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