Exhibition at Art Space OrganHaus (Chongching) 2009

Eric Von Robertson - Cloudburst (Installation with umbrella's)

Eric Von Robertson – Cloudburst (Installation with umbrella’s)

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Participating artists
1. Wouter Venema -video
2. Lotje van Lieshout – video/performance
3. Judith Leysne– video/performance
4. Paula Albuquerque – interactive media installation
5. Sang Woo Kang – drawings/small sculpture
6. Bojana Panevska – video/performance
7. Eric Von Robertson – sculpture/installation

Curators Paul Donker DuyvisXaowen Ju
in Collaboration with Sandberg Institute.

All invited artists are working and living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and have all studied at a Fine Arts Post-Graduate Program under the umbrella of the Sandberg Institute. Amsterdam is a multicultural Metropolis, the global city. Amsterdam with 743.104 inhabitants, counts 175 nationalities, more than any other city in the world!

Chonquing is much bigger, 31.442.300 inhabitant, but less known in the world, but not for long we expect… After Beijing and Shanghai is Chongqing China´s third biggest city.
The Huang Jue Ping art district in Chongqing is one of the most important art areas next to the 798 in Beijing and Moganshan in Shanghai. Organhause Art Space is a non-profit and independent art organization, founded in 2001,
It is located next to the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. It organizes multi-media art-exhibitions and cross-media art activities for young and experimental artists. They are concerning about the process of China’s urbanization and the global village in the context of the international exchange of art. The two cities have litle in common except rain and two famous Art institutes, the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie that hosts the post-Graduate program Sandberg Institute.

Umbrella is the first coherent presentation of Art from Amsterdam and the Netherlands in Sichuan. It is also an interactive public event. Apart from the performances in and outdoors, meetings will be held in the evenings…Q and A with the participating artists and meetings with the artists from Chongqing and discussions with the public.

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